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Veta Trader Mobile

Why use Veta Trader Mobile?

Veta Trader Mobile is available to all investors who wish to execute buy and sell transactions in the Forex market even though there is no computer. Through Veta Trader Mobile, trading has become more flexible and responsive to the wishes of traders. So that all that is required of the investors just download the Mobile Trader platform on the smartphone and log in to his account through his username and password.This makes trading easy.

Veta Trader Mobile is an online mobile trading application available on any iOS device that supports the Internet. Despite being light on your device, Veta Trader Mobile offers traders the key tools in the Vita platform system with ease of navigation, display and flexibility in browsing between its screens. Feel Veta Trader Mobile on your iOS device and stay connected to the market and never miss a chance to trade again.


Technical advantages of Veta Trader Mobile

  • Monitor your account summary.
  • Monitoring live prices.
  • Financial Charts with Indicators.
  • Review the status of your requests.
  • Edit and cancel orders.
  • Perform Live Trades from your iOS device.
  • Available wherever you have internet access coverage (using Wi-Fi or 3G).
  • Easy setup and trading.
  • Check your history history.

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