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The ultimate solution for startup to well-established broker with Full access of Veta Trader at Low Cost


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Veta Trader White Label Program is developed to help professional brokers and Introducing Brokers (IB) to get started with their own brokerage. All the necessary tools and back office support required for new set up comes along with Forex White Label Program. Whether you have just started taking your baby steps in the business or have been in the business for a while now, this program is best suited for all.

Veta Trader White Label Solutions provide you turnkey solutions at affor dable price with minimal risk, to keep you away from facing any barriers in your brokerage.

Offer 1

Full system

  • Website design with Programming (Multilingual & Responsive), Design of internal pages & add Arabic text and English text.
  • Designing and processing automated emails and linking them to the site.
  • Installation of full-featured utilities and an open number of users and partitions (CRM, AFFILIATE L.P., LIVE CHAT).
  • Full Admin on Veta Trader trading with full powers and linking the platform to the website Open a real account and demo.
  • Linking the site with social media and social networking pages.
  • Link the site with payment methods.
  • Provide the necessary and complete training for the site, the assistance programs and the platform.
  • Advertising the site through the submission of the mechanism of the work plan change according to time and results.
  • Full training.
  • Fast Service and 24X7 Support.

Offer 2

Gray white label (Dealer Manager)  

In this section you will get admin dealer full powers include the following:-

  • Control the withdrawal and deposit.
  • Create unlimited number of accounts.
  • Create trading groups.
  • Desktop Platform & Web Platform & Mobile Platform .
  • Full integrated powers as if you have the mother program of the White Eagle with all the powers of full cancellation and modification of transactions and the work of IB and the work of groups and all powers without limits.
  • Full training.
  • Fast Service and 24X7 Support.

Offer 3

Percentage deal 

In this section, you will get admin dealer full powers include the following:-

  • Admin dealer on Veta Trader back-office
  • Admin user on CRM full powers with 5 users else.
  • Admin user on Affiliate system full powers.
  • Control of deposit & withdrawal.
  • Creat trading accounts.
  • Creat trading groups.
  • Full traning .
  • Fast Service and 24X7 Support

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