Veta Trader Desktop

Veta Trader Desktop 

Why use Veta Trader Desktop ?

Veta Desktop platform is the perfect trading solution for both new clients in the Forex world and professional traders. It provides all the tools and features necessary to analyze changes in the price of trading instruments while providing fast and reliable execution of transactions, which makes the desktop platform one of the leading platforms in the field of Forex trading. For traders who create or use automated trading systems (Expert Advisor), VTTder is a powerful trading companion.

Veta Trader desktop for personal computers is one of the most flexible and customization trading platforms in the industry today. With reputation for being an easy to learn, easy to operate. The Veta Trader for personal computers is the obvious choice for those who know what they are looking for.You can implement your strategies on Veta Trader desktop and trade the way you want. We have no restrictions on operating agencies, retesting smart trading allows you to reach the best performance that satisfies you and then you can make your trades automatic.


Technical advantages of Veta Trader Desktop

  • Easy setup and trading.
  • Monitoring live prices.
  • Edit and cancel orders.
  • Review the status of your requests.
  • Perform Live Trades from your Android device.
  • Monitor your account summary.
  • Available wherever you have internet access coverage (using Wi-Fi or 3G).

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