More about Veta Trader

We started with a goal to revolutionize the Forex industry by imparting the quality solutions to new-age brokers who crave to enter the game of retail FX trading with fair and direct access to OTC markets. Registered in Hong Kong (SAR) with the Headquarters in Dubai; Veta Trader infuses hybrid culture which creates a perfect combination of experience and high sense of imagination. With the deep roots in trading industry, we provide the consultation services like FX White Label, Veta Trader, Liquidity, CRM integration, Forex plugins and carrying out several online marketing activities.

About Veta Trader

Veta Trader was started with a drive to become a leader in the Forex industry by providing superior services

Veta Trader Purpose

To deliver high quality services each and every time which exceed the expectations of our valued customers

Veta Trader Vision

To deliver customized end to end solutions by pursuing business innovation and advanced technology

Veta Trader Mission

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