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Desktop Trader

Veta Trader Desktop platform is the perfect trading solution for both new clients in the Forex world and …

Desktop Veta Platform
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Web Trader

Veta Trader Web gives you the luxury of executing trades from any PC or laptop in the world without downloading or …

Web Platform
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Mobile Trader

Veta Trader mobile empowers you to trade without ever missing a pip. Stay on top of the markets when you’re on …

Mobile Platform
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Why to choose VetaTrader – Best Online Trading Platform

  • Veta Trader is an online trading solution rather than simply a trading platform. It enables you to perform every strategy and fulfills all your requirements. It is supported by hundreds of third party plugins that have been developed by experienced and independent technology firms and individuals. Being an open source Solution allows almost every type of integration. Its API kit offers complete functionality, optimizes the platform structure and applies full integration to provide a fully professional setup
  • For dealing roomsVeta Trader has high back-end capabilities for a professional accounts and IBs management. It offers an amazingly simple way to build accounts IBs without the need for third party plugins enabling brokers to perform multiple changes, such as assigning spreads, instruments visibility, etc., for multiple accounts or IBs. The built in features make Veta Trader truly a unique multi-level management operation.
  • Veta Trader supports STP and OTC businesses through the Veta Trader Risk Management Bridge. The Risk Management Bridge is offered as part of our standard package so brokers and Liquidity Providers can be assured that risk management is built into our solution. Simply connect the Bridge with the Liquidity Provider of your desire and configure the Risk Management Bridge functionality and behavior. The open Veta Trader LP API gives the broker's developers greater flexibility to build their own clearing strategies scripts
  • Veta Trader equipped with duel use platform is a real turn-key trading solution for every business model whether Margin Trading, Binary Options or Physical Delivery, delivered all in one solution to the trader in one account.

Client Competitive Features

see all the capabilities that keep Veta Trader steps ahead of all our industry competitors.

  • Binary Trading .
  • Physical Delivery (Bullion) Trading .
  • Ready Web Trader .
  • One-click trading
  • Ready net-trade option .
  • Close All Positions .
  • Close by Hedge/ Close All By Hedge .
  • Partial Order Management .

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